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Work Fields

We base our working strategy on the needs and demands of communities confronting poverty both moderate and extreme. We encourage local democratic decision-making, recognize the benefits of consultation and cooperation, and discourage paternalism.

Food security

The fight against hunger, malnutrition and anemia.

We work to support local production and access to nutritious food for vulnerable highland populations, while respecting the eating habits and diversity of each rural community.
Specific projects include family and school bio-gardens, organic vegetables, small animal husbandry, fish farms, and protection of the ecosystem.

Clean water access

Facing a central challenge as climates change

We work to develop healthy and adequate water sources that benefit from both ancestral knowledge and modern technology.


Campaigning for wellness without losing cultural relevance

We work to insure access and proper use of water reservoirs, filters, and USB-Basic Sanitation Units. We sponsor comprehensive health campaigns, promote renewable energies and encourage eco-healthy communities.