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Pachaillariy is a non-profit association committed to working with the most needy and impoverished Andean populations to fight food insecurity, hunger, malnutrition and anemia.


We see eco-healthy food production as a game-changer; healthcare as a right; environmental protection as critical; and collaboration–with schools, parents, community members and leaders, and civil society–as the way forward.


We value ancestral knowledge, customs and cultural traditions, but we are also attentive to gender challenges, human rights violations, and disability discrimination in traditional Andean culture.

Our values include Solidarity (teamwork and collaboration), Respect (for diversity and the ecosystem), Justice (equality and human rights), and Participation (democratic principles).


Pachaillariy has been active since 2019, advancing proposals and responding to requests with the benefit of available studies and social research.


We aim to be an institution of reference in Peru on matters of food (security, nutrition), water (sourcing, filtration, conservation) and healthcare (accessibility, quality) at local, regional and national levels.